Monday, June 30, 2008

the Godless Federation

[thanks to Hemant Mehta]

When I was growing up, I was -- I'll go ahead and admit it -- a Star Trek fan. I totally lost interest in all things Trek YEARS ago when it became rote and unwatchable (some might argue that happened about, oh, forty years ago, but for me it was about 1996).

Still, I can stand by some of the things Star Trek was all about: tolerance, acceptance, science, exploration and the triumph of human ingenuity. One thing Star Trek was always known for was its neutrality when it came to (human) religion. Rarely, VERY rarely was God or religion mentioned at all. It wasn't explicitly atheist, but it surely didn't drag religion into things at all...

Which is all fine and good, except for this guy:

WOW!!! Just... wow... The fundamentalist geekery! It's just all too much! Talk about getting worked up over nothing! My favorite part is that the first three minutes are him showing off all his cool Star Trek schwag! heheheh... I bet Wil Wheaton will be posting on this one soon enough. :)

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Judy said... I KNOW why I always felt so creepy making Star Trek costumes for my first husband and why just the idea of Star Trek makes me want to hurl...good lord. Beam me up, Scotty. WAY up!