Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fox News: Officially a parody of itself

Right on the heels of Fox News implying that Barack Obama was showing off a his "terrorist fist jab"*, Fox News shows its true colors again.

I don't know the context of this screen capture, but the caption here pretty much speaks for itself. Can you imagine the outrage, OUTRAGE I TELL YOU, that we'd see on Fox News if, say, MSNBC had something equally rude about McCain's wife, how it was inappropriate, uncalled for and just plain rude?

Oh, and who can forget THIS wonderful piece of "fair and balanced" commentary, where she not only confuses Obama and Osama, but then says that we should assassinate them "both if we could." Sigh...

It's going to be a long election season, and I'll be both horrified and entertained with the follies of Fox News in the coming months.

Here's the video of the terrorist fist jab, for anyone who's missed this story. First off, nice job with the sly little implication that the presidential frontrunner is a terrorist... Secondly, this whole segment is clearly a thinly-veiled scare piece about how OH MY GOD, OBAMA IS GOING TO BLACKIFY AMERICA!!!! And lastly, how out of touch can you be? "Is that sort of a symbol young people get ." Come on, it's 2008. What the hell kind of "body language expert" is unfamiliar with this COMPLETELY MAINSTREAM gesture?!!?! Good Christ.

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The Jovial Vanquisher of Prudes said...

aaaaaaugh. oh my GOD! where is the justice in this world!!! I don't know how you could possibly stand keeping up with Fox News right now and keep your sanity. small doses like this just make me want to strangle someone.