Tuesday, June 3, 2008


At one point in time, I had a blogroll over on the panel to your right.
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I listed all the blog of my friends, family and internet acquaintances... But then everyone made their blog private, because my core group of friends (and that's probably you, since few others read my blog regularly) has a tendency to be a little TOO honest on their blogs, later realizing, "OMFSM! Did I really post THAT on the series of tubes for all to see!?!!"

So, I took the blogroll away.

But I've decided to resurrect it. I'm being pretty selective with the blogs I choose to include, and I'll try to avoid (for the most part) extraordinarily popular blogs, focusing on lesser-known ones that offer a unique perspective, whether its on politics, religion, entertainment, books or any other topic that strikes my fancy.

To start off, I've included links to Skepchick and the Friendly Atheist, two well-known blogs (you know, the ones that just one sentence ago I said I wouldn't be including). Both of these are superbly written. The Friendly Atheist does what it says on the tin. Hemant Mehta is openly critical of religion's excesses, but is also devoted to allowing people to believe what they want to believe and working to better understand those among us that have faith.

Skepchick is written by an all-girl (well, and ONE guy) team of superhero kick-ass skeptics led by Rebecca Watson (also check out Rebecca on the brilliant weekly podcast The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe). Skepchick is my favorite blog, period. I consistently look forward to insightful posts on critical issues, snarky criticism of pseudoscience, and engaging discussions in the comments. Also, one of my posts (this one) was the subject of a post at Skepchick, so they obviously know what is what!

Next up is The Other, Elaine's blog. Elaine's a good friend, and reading her posts is always a breath a fresh air, whether she's talking about discovering the purpose for a teacup saucer (foreign readers: remember, Utah is a weird place) or relating her frustration with trying to communicate the concept of a shadow in a language she doesn't yet know fluently.

And last but not least, we have Moonlight over Essex, a wonderful blog written by Chris Black, a recent commenter here. Chris included a link here from his own blog, and I've enjoyed reading his posts on UK politics and other sundries. Thanks Chris!

I'll be adding more to the blogroll over the next bit, so if you feel slighted, fret not. Also, if you're a new reader here, post your links in the comments and I'll most likely add you to the roll. :)

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Elaine said...

I feel so honored!