Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Blogroll Part II

Not to demean the importance of my post from just moments ago, but I have another Blog I'm adding to the new blogroll.

In a naked, blatant bid to get THIS blog added to Abbie's blogroll (per this post), I'm adding ERV to mine, effective... now. Abbie, the baroness of Endogenous Retrovirus is a humble grad student studying, well, endogenous retrovirii (viruses, whatever)...

But by night, she is ERV, scourge of creationists everywhere, more despised by ID cranks than PZ or Dawkins, more powerful than David Horowitz and his evil HIV-denier army. Defeater of pseudoscience, ravisher of anti-science. Behold, ERV, and her trusty sidekick Arnie (pictured below).

But seriously, go check out ERV. She's recently moved to a new blog space at ScienceBlogs, so check out this (fairly recent) introduction to the awesomeness that is ERV.

1 comment:

The Jovial Vanquisher of Prudes said...

ooooh, Arnie's a cutie. at least he's not tearing up MY blanket/couch though, lol.