Monday, June 2, 2008

Is there anyone NOT on this list?

[via PZ]
I mean, I myself have, at one point or another, been at least 13 of these... And really, sports fans? Some of them are jerks, but if being a jerk got you into hell, the guy holding this sign has some problems. Is there some bible verse condemning spectator sports?

Also, does he mean REAL psychics, or just people who PURPORT to be psychics. The latter seems like it's covered by "Liars."

Bonus: Who can name the 13 things I'm guilty of? (Hint: I'm not a lesbian)


The Jovial Vanquisher of Prudes said...

hmmmm. well, with 'lesbians' out of the running, let's see... *looks at list again* drunkards, masturbators (I like this spelling better), gamblers, prostitutes (okay, maybe not *takes out*), evolutionists, pot-smokers, fornicators, porn-lovers, blasphemers, pagans (participated in pagan=ish rituals :D), atheists, ...well, maybe prostitutes, psychics, and witches. what do I win?

and yes, I'm pretty familiar with this particular article of interest lol. I even joined a Facebook group ("So Apparently I'm Going to Hell...") at one point that had to do with the guy leading this whole thing (I think his name is Micah). he's primarily a Georgia traveler, and has visited college campuses such as Georgia College and State University in Milledgville (neighbor across the street from Macon), among others. I feel so gleeful at the chance to be associated with this guy!

Judy said...

I would NEVER do any of the horrible things on this list...oh wait. I guess that just makes me at least one thing...a LIAR!!!