Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lots o' politics lately

Wow, that's a lot of politics posts lately. Coming up later this week: Part IV of my personal religious history series, plus a book review, review of the latest Doctor Who, and (let's be honest here) probably some more rants on politics.


Anonymous said...

Hello GreenishBlue,

My name is Alexandra Di Trolio and I was looking to contact you about being a guest for a radio show. I apologize about leaving this message in the comments section but I was unable to locate an email address. I work for a show called "The Blog Bunker" on Indie Talk channel 110 on Sirius Satellite Radio. It is a political talk channel, not party affiliated, that is described as "political talk for people who hate politics". The show "The Blog Bunker" is a casual political talk show and we like to think of ourselves as an independent show that likes to discuss the issues in society and our world. Many of our stories and information come from blogs across the country. We take the issues seriously, but not ourselves, and like to make the show as informative and entertaining as possible. We would love to have you on our show. We are based in the New York area and would welcome the opportunity to do a phone interview with you since you are based in Utah. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Alexandra Di Trolio
"The Blog Bunker"
Sirius Satellite Radio

Judy said...

Whoa, dude!! How cool!!