Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bill Maher has crossed the line!

I posted about Bill Maher's new documentary, Religulous, recently.

The studio releasing Religulous has just put up a new website,, a reference to

Good stuff abounds here: lots of tongue-in-cheek (and not-so-tongue-in-cheek) criticism of the Big Important Religions; some fun being poked at the fun-poke-worthy Raelians; and meaningless polls (that you don't seem to be able to actually answer, but oh well).

Unfortunately, this site crosses a line! Check out the following image from the "Miscellaneous Faiths" section. What do you see:
Don't see it? Look closer...

That's right! Maher and his team of antireligious apologists have lumped the Flying Spaghetti Monster into "Miscellaneous Faiths." According to, the world's one true faith is just as made up as Heavan's Gate, Scientology, Satanism and the Church of the Subgenius!

Can you believe this!? I hope that one day, Maher will see the light and be touched by His noodly appendage!

But anyway, my favorite is the list of links to REAL religious websites entitled "You won't believe what people believe."

I'm starting to get really excited about this movie...

BONUS: How many of the misc. faith symbols can you identify without looking it up? I got them all but the first two (though the first one, clearly, has something to do with THC).

[ht to Friendly Atheist]

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