Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Obama 2008 - Let's get started!

[via just about everyone, but I'll link to Wil Wheaton of all people. That's where I saw it first.]
I'll have more to say on this in the coming weeks. Something more reasoned, something acknowledging the few items I do take issue with with this candidate, and something less... I don't know... less call-to-actiony.

But for now, let me leave it at this:

WOOOOOO!!!! Yeah! OH YEAH!!!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!1!! .... !

It's not official official until all the delegates cast their votes at the Democratic convention... But as of tonight, Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee for president. He's been my choice for a LONG time. As with ANY candidate, I'm not 100% on track with him on absolutely EVERYTHING he says and stands for, but more than any viable candidate in my recollection I am truly and wholly EXCITED to have Obama to vote for. I do feel that, more than just representing me, Obama can help this nation regain its head and its heart. Go O! (I can call him O. We're tight like that, O and me.)

Hillary Clinton supporters: take a week to feel disappointed, angry and disheartened. You deserve it. I always preferred Obama to Clinton, but she was a great and formidable candidate. After one week, we need everyone behind Obama. We have a historic opportunity to take back this country.

McCain has been gaining traction as the Democratic candidates have been duking it out between each other. We cannot afford four more years of Republican, war-monger, secretive, of-the-rich, by-the-rich, for-the-rich rule. This country cannot afford it. The world cannot afford it. The planet cannot afford it.

And lets all campaign for Obama. Those of you in Utah, I know it may feel like your vote doesn't count here, but the more we fight, the more we raise our heads and our hands and demand to be heard publicly, the more we can make the indifferent among us take pause and think about what what this nation needs in a leader, and realize that another Republican who has promised the continuation of the worst of Bush's policies cannot be tolerated.

And then, in November, let's all go VOTE!


The Jovial Vanquisher of Prudes said...

sing it, brotha! you know I'm with you!

Judy said...

I also am pleased with this outcome. But since I am supposed to be an "older, more dignified" persona, I will just leave it at that. Okay...