Thursday, November 27, 2008


GoGreen18 is my new hero.

She's a 19-year old YouTube vlogger who discusses her stances on atheism, religion, sexuality, environmentalism, culture and more. And she does so eloquently, stridently and inspiringly. She first came to my attention a few months ago after PZ linked to one of her videos from Pharyngula. It was brilliant:

After PZ sent his Pharynugloid horde her way (including me), some overzealous Christians succeeded in getting her videos pulled and her YouTube account suspended. I guess some people can't take any criticism. In the long run, everything got sorted out, but still...

Anyway, I learned today that Laci was raised as a Mormon. I just stumbled across the latest in her series on her deconversion from religion and Mormonism... Knowing the three people who read my blog, I thought you might be interested in hearing her story. I'm posting the first here.

If you want to hear more from her (and she has a lot to say!), check out her YouTube channel here or subscribe to her vids in your RSS reader. Now, on to the vids:

A Deconversion:

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