Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Okay, okay. I know I just had a glowing post about the next president.. Time to get back down to earth:

As PZ points out Obama is still quite centrist; that the right-wing noise machine is already working to delegitimize him (that didn't take long); that we still have to repair the damage done by Bush, and that he still has to work with a self-interested Congress, many of whom, including the Democrats, collaborated with Bush on his worst policies. Plus, Proposition 8 in California passed, showing that although we might be okay with a black president, as a nation we are still fearful of teh buttsex (and it is about the sex for the people who voted yes on 8, not about love or equality).

I'm going to retain some of my exuberance for now. PZ is right, though I perhaps a tad more optimistic. At the very least, we have a president who won't continue the momentously inane leadership of the last one. The shiny has not worn off for me yet, but we all need to temper our expectations. No leader, even if he wanted to, could live up to the standard we've set up for Obama.

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