Friday, November 21, 2008

Elaine on Radio West!

My good friend Elaine (proprietor of 'The Other') was featured on this week's Radio West! I loves me some Doug Fabrizio, so I was excited to learn that Elaine was on the show.

Elaine was the primary organizer of the huge rally last weekend in Salt Lake in favor of gay rights and in response to the passage of California Prop 8. Sadly, due to about four pounds of crap in my sinuses and a taiko drum recital going on in my skull, I was unable to attend. But I am so proud of Elaine for pulling this together!

And she was great on Radio West. Elaine: you sounded like you've done a million radio interviews. :)

I do with the program had focused a bit more on the wider issue and a bit less on the few unfortunate and rightly condemned acts of vandalism against LDS property. Still, an excellent show.

Listen now!

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Elaine said...

I feel all blushing and such! Seriously though, I was so thrilled that they had me AFTER the rally, because I love that this dialogue among all parties affected by the last election cycle is continuing, and not just "being covered" on the days the crowd's gather and then forgotten about.