Saturday, November 22, 2008

I wonder how much this will cost...

So, I am having a little get-together tonight at my house. Last night I went out and bought some supplies, but realized a few minutes ago that the sour cream I had might not be... appropriate for company.

Sure enough! I was right, so I dumped the contents in the sink and rinsed the carton out to prep for recycling. Then I ran the disposal.

The ungodly racket that burst forth from the dark realms of the sink drain was deafening. I switched it off, ran the water for a bit, then poked into the disposal with a knife. There was something down there.

I stuck my hand down into the sink, and the disposal turned on of its own accord, destroying my hand... Okay, that didn't happen. Instead, I pulled out a rather large lump of glass. My first thought was "Oh my god! Some jerk-ass at the sour cream factory put a lump of sharp glass in the bottom of this carton!"

But I reached down again and found several smaller glass shards, one of which read "Salt La-".

It was a shot glass. Specifically, a 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games shot glass... I have to say, the heavy base held up pretty well!

But now, the disposal no longer runs... Great!


Travis said...

Don't sweat it, I've done that a few times. The disposal probably just needs to be reset. There's a red button on the bottom of your disposal. Push it. p- p- push it reeeal good! haha

Seriously. Push it.

Justin said...

If that doesn't work, or if you don't have a red button, you might be able to reset it by manually turning the little spinning things inside the drain a few times with the handle of a wooden spoon, after you carefully clean out any remaining glass pieces. I had to do that when some small rocks washed down my drain from a plant I was watering in the sink.