Friday, November 14, 2008

Being Big Brother 101: Spying on your neighbors

Ah, the internet.

Have you ever wondered what your neighbors might be uploading to YouTube?

Neither have I, but thanks to Google Gears (required) and this page, I now know anyway.

It is with a mixed sense of reverence for technical ingenuity and crippling paranoia for the breaking walls of privacy that I present to you the following videos, all uploaded by YouTube users within a few blocks of my house. Kinda creepy, actually.

Howdy neighbors!

This is actually kind of a well done instructional video based on Max Brooks' Zombie Survival Guide.

John McCain and Hillary Clinton star in this noir thriller:

Ummm... Not sure what to make of this. It appears to be an alien criticizing Thomas S. Monson and the "LDS church," which it claims is a splinter group from the true "Mormon Church," to which this creature belongs. It seems to be equal parts humor and earnest conspiracy delusion, and clearly invokes Poe's Law:

This one makes me positively want to shoot myself. If you are above the first floor of your building at the moment, you may want to restrain yourself so you don't jump out the window before watching this:

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