Monday, August 3, 2009

Living in Utah

A coupe of links to here and Overheard in SLC from Main Street Plaza, which I just discovered is not in my blogroll... Ahh, there. That's better. I've been enjoying Main Street Plaza (the blog, that is -- I'm less enamored with the actual Main Street Plaza of late) for the last few months. Check it out if you have an interest in the intersection between culture, politics and religion here in Utah...

So, I love Salt Lake City. I really like living here. But it's a misunderstood place. Salt Lake City is one of the most liberal, progressive cities in the nation in a vast sea of red in every direction. Everyone I know who visits here is astounded that the city is so unlike what they expected. I never get tired of exploring new crevices of our (admittedly small) downtown or the gorgeous mountains just to my east. There are layers here. Layers to be pulled back and marveled at. I mean, I live within walking distance of a Sphinx with the head of Joseph Smith and just a quick drive from the haunted dancehall from Carnival of Souls. Can you say that, Bostonians? Chicagoans? I didn't think so. And is Chicagoans a word?

But it's undeniable that living in Utah -- even in the liberal bastion of SLC -- brings with it some challenges, and outsiders may not be familiar with some of the cultural references. Main Street Plaza is a great blog discussing the overlap between the culture, politics and religion here in Utah. Most of the contributors are "post-Mormon" (I like that term. I may appropriate it), but it's not an "anti-Mormon" blog, though it is certainly -- and rightfully -- critical of many of the the LDS church's policies.

Oooh, and another thing: my good friend RebelGrrrl recently introduced me to the Irrligiosophy podcast. It's a pretty decent podcast on atheism and religion, with an emphasis on archaeology, Middle Eastern history and Mormonism (both of the hosts are former Mormons). I'll be honest, sometimes the hosts can be a bit grating, but on the whole it's a very solid podcast with lots of good info. Check it out. :)

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Leighton said...

Forgive me for posting here. I looked around, but couldn't find a tab or link to an email address. The name's Leighton Allred and after Charley and I read your post about our podcast, Irreligiosophy, we talked it over and decided we'd like you to come on the show for a bit.

It wouldn't be anything too serious just a bit of joking around about who you are, which one of us you find more grating, you're ideas on how we can make the show better, etc. It would be great to have you on and it is my sincere hope that you accept our request.

Please feel free to respond to the email attached to this message or by sending one to