Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Irreligiosopy: The Battle for Grating Supremacy

Last week, I wrote a post that included a recommendation to a podcast called Irreligiosophy. I'll second that review now. The topics covered on the show are always great and well-covered, and the occasional interview sections are always insightful... But I also noted that the hosts can sometimes be "grating."

Well, Charlie and Leighton, the hosts of Irrreligiwhatever saw my post and even read my "review" on the latest episode! Now I'm famous among all four-and-a-half of their listeners! (they do refer to me as "she" throughout the segment, but there aren't a lot of explicit references to my gender here, so no biggie.)

What's more, I've been invited to come on the show and settle once-and-for-all the burning question of whether it's Charlie or Leighton that is more grating, and why. Still working out the details, so when/if it happens, I'll let you know!

If you weren't already planning on coming to Drinking Skeptically at Piper Down this Wednesday, you plan on it. There's a chance -- emphasis on the CHANCE -- that the Irreligiosophy crew may be coming along and recording for the show.

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Saganist said...

Due to your recommendation, I downloaded the first episode of Irreligiosophy this week and listened to it. I like it so far.

I was already planning to be at Drinking Skeptically this week, because I need more skeptical social interaction. If the Irreligiosophy folks show up, that'll be a bonus. See you there!