Friday, August 28, 2009


So, Glenn Beck is an idiot. This fact is not in dispute... But I find him strangely entertaining to watch.

I went through a brief period when I stopped finding Glenn Beck funny, and started to find him scary... But no, it's back to funny.. The man has no sense of self-awareness: he cautions right-wingers against getting violent, then puts on a skit about murdering a senator...

Now, I hope I'm right in only finding him funny, and that some crazy person doesn't get inspired by his words and, you know, murder a senator.

But this... THIS is just hilarious.

Yep! It was missing a letter all right... But the letter was C! Hahah. It looks like he'd been leading up to this moment all week, with his foreboding chalkboard of liberal doom... AND HE MISSED A DAMN LETTER! Hahahaha


[kɹeɪ̯ɡ̊] said...

wow. he's so insane. OLIGARH.

No "C".

Also, rethuglicans are already the olgiarchy.

Just sayin'

The really sad thing is, he's kinda attractive. Just a little. If he weren't so bat-shit crazy.

Alex G said...

He's hilariously awful, and didn't make any sense at all. And is it weird that one of my first thoughts was "Why is he wearing Converse?! HE IS COPPING THE DOCTOR'S STYLE"? *shameful geekhood*

GreenishBlue said...

Yep. Exactly: For the Republicans to accuse the Obama administration of being an "oligarh" is ludicrous. I mean, does he really understand what that word means?

I think it's just coming from the old "Obama is an elitist" nonsense. You know, unlike our former President, the Harvard and Yale educated oil millionaire son of a former President. HE wasn't an "oligarh" at all.

Now, Obama is a Harvard grad as well, but he excelled there because of his devotion to learning rather than family connections. If that's "elitism," then call ME an elitist too.

And I won't lie, my first thought upon seeing the Converse was the Doctor as well. I am a nerd. :)

Saganist said...

That was so awesome!! It also reminded me of Michael Scott spelling out I-N-C-E-S-T to motivate everyone on The Office.