Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shona Holmes and the reality of Canadian heatlhcare

If you're following the heathcare debate at all, you've probably heard of Shona Holmes. Holmes has been showing up just about everywhere with her story of how the Canadian government, because their socialist, bureaucratic healthcare system, was willing to allow her to die of a fatal brain tumor. Luckily, she came to the USA where we have a super awesome healthcare system not forged by Stalin, and doctors here were able to save her life.

That's the story, more or less, how she tells it... but you might (not) be surprised to hear that the problems with her story are numerous and range from hyperbole to outright falsehoods.

See the rest of this tale at Some Candaian Skeptic's blog. [and a hat tip to Kaylia Metcalfe]

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[kɹeɪ̯ɡ̊] said...

Yeah, I try to just ignore her, because I know better (being Canadian and all).