Friday, January 23, 2009

Page hits

Okay, so I haven't posted for a while, but something momentous has happened in the last week:

In case you were not aware, Barrack Obama is now the president of the United States. I would like to share the following thoughts before going any further.



I am so excited to have a president who truly stands for equality and the rule of law and peace and the role of science and on and on and on. Yes, he let an ass give the benediction, but he also gave a shout-out to "non-believers" like me in his speech, and his website ( is no longer Bush's!) lays out what the (nutjob) American Family Association calls, fairly, a "pro-homosexual agenda." (The AFA, of course, sees that as a BAD thing. Reasoned people see otherwise.) [Check out the Center for Inquiry's post on Obama's First Day: A Religious Right Roundup for more examples of the far right's hysteria, ranging from the ironic to the lunatical.]

Anyway, a funny thing has happened here over the last few days. Months ago, a wrote a post called "Is Newsweek the Antichrist?" in response to a strangely credulous article from Newsweek about people who believed Obama to be the Antichrist. While this would normally be the pervue of the Westboro Baptist Church [seriously, check out that link], Newsweek decided to treat the question as one that might have some merit.

So, I was checking my page view statistics. Since Tuesday, my page hits have gone up from about 5 a day to over 20! Most of these come from Google searches linking to that post. (Such as "obama antichrist 'beast rise up out of the sea' hawaii.") Now, to me, when I hear about the "beast rising up out of the sea," I don't think about a guy who happens to be from an island. I think 'Godzilla.' And oh god, the fact that I even had to make a literal comparison between Obama and Godzilla shows just how crazy some people are. How people who "literally" interpret the Bible can come to some crazy-ass conclusions.

Strangely, this same period also saw a rash a hits to this post about an episode of Doctor Who. This leads me to the conclusion that Doctor Who may, in fact, be the Antichrist... And forever, this blog will come up high in the Google rankings whenever someone searches for "Doctor Who antichrist 'beast rise up out of the sea'" And, of course, for "Joseph Smith dildo."

That is all...

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