Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back from the dead.

So, when last i left you, dear readers, I was half-dead from a slight case of the smallpox. Since then, I've been super busy with "the Holidays" (including Christmas), plus my birthday and the New Year's Eve masquerade ball I held at my house. All of that went well. I'm not particularly keen on this whole going-back-to-work thing I had to do on Monday, but what can you do?

Clearly, I'm in better spirits. :) Yay!

I think I mentioned something about "philosophical priorities" in my last post. My, that sounds rather grandiose. It really isn't. I just feel that I've been enjoying griping about religion and denialism and politics, but I haven't really DONE anything. I think the skeptic's group is a good start, but I think I'm entering a social activism phase.

(note: the following post was originally part of this post, but I've decided to keep the proverbial meat separate from the potatoes.)

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