Saturday, February 2, 2008

Saturday Music Blog

I've decided to devote at least one post each Saturday to music, sharing an artist or a song, or just waxing about whatever tune is stuck in my head.

Several months ago, I discovered The Bird and the Bee, a superb, quirky, underrated electro-indie-pop-whatever duo. I just saw the video for their Polite Dance Song (it's kind of a fun song, listen closely to the lyrics), and couldn't resist posting it. It is made all the better because the red-shirted dance god with the magic triangle looks nearly identical to someone I work with (Sorry, Danny!).

Behold, the glory of Polite Dance Song, the greatest music video ever:


Juditude said...

LOVED THIS!! I think I may have to check out the rest of their music, too.

Chocolate-Loving Atheist said...

What the Fuck?