Monday, April 6, 2009

Glenn Beck is losing it

Bored? Feeling down?

Here's a great family activity that all can enjoy:

Watch the Glenn Beck show.

The man inexplicably had a show on CNN Headline News for some time, but he's recently set up shop at Fox News... And this move has apparently allowed him to completely wall himself off from reality.

I swear to god that he is publicly and spectacularly spiraling inward from being an cloyingly idiotic ass into a paranoid conspiricist, just two episodes away from donning a tinfoil hat and retreating to his underground bunker while the "liberals" plunge the nation into an age of godless, gun-stealing, gay Nazism.

And it's so much fun to watch.

For example, watch this video of Beck making the case that Obama and us crazy godless liberals are on the verge of plunging the nation into and age of -- no, not socialism -- no, not communism -- FASCISM... a road that, according to Beck, we've been on since Theodore Roosevelt was president:

(Video has embedding disabled, so click this link for the video)

Yep, Beck's case started with pointing out that an American coin once featured the "fasces," an Ancient Roman symbol consisting of bundle of sticks bound together with a ribbon (often including an axe), signifying things like "United We Stand" or "strength through unity." This symbol was indeed the symbol of Italy's Fascist party... Unfortunately for Beck, that party wasn't formed until YEARS AFTER this coin was minted.

Seriously? That's his evidence of some secret left-wing conspiracy to establish an extreme right-wing authoritarian dictatorship? A coin used a symbol that was later used by some awful people? Does this make Buddha a Nazi?

And it goes downhill from there. He even pulls a full-on Godwin.

I know I make light of this, because there really is no way to make sense of the crazy except through humor... But it scares me because some people -- a surprising number of them, really -- think this guy is talking sense.

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Rose, Tiff and Ben said...

Hello my brother from the very same mother,

You know, sometimes I get so homesick and I start to yearn for America. I tire of the cold and the lack of modern convenience that I experience in my life on the other side of the planet. That is until I see some American news. Then, oh, how I laugh and laugh! I laugh as I hang the washing on the line.

Given the way the entertainment industry makes Americans all appear devoid of pretty much any redeeming qualities, it's shocking that it's the "news media" that really sells it.

But that's just my opinion.

I hope your Tim Tams arrive unscathed. *pat pat pat* to Shakespeare