Friday, May 30, 2008

Video PROOF of alien visitation!

As noted by Phil Plait has noted (and others), a man in Denver named Jeff Peckham has held a press conference (original story: Denver Post) in which he played a video that shows undeniable proof that aliens exist, and they are among us. Supposedly, this is to get the city to create the Denver City Department of Extraterrestrial Affairs or some such.

The video shows an alien, shot in infrared, poking his head up to get some hot peeping tom action. There is a fake version of the video floating around, but it is an admitted fraud, and not real, genuine footage of a creature from light years away peeking through a living room window (and maybe YOUR living room window, too).

Of course, Peckham has refused to release or even show the video to the general public (it's totally because we're not ready to see it, and not because he knows it's a fake and wants to sell it for big $$$ before it gets thoroughly excoriated). He DID, however, release this single shot from the video to show that he's on the up and up... Here it is: undeniable proof...

Impressive, huh? And here's something even more impressive. I've taken this photo and applied a complex image enhancement algorithm to help us get a better view of our perverted friend from another world. I think you'll all be shocked -- but maybe not TOO shocked -- at the results:

Okay, I'm done now.

Bonus: What will this amazing video look like? Some have already put together detailed composites of what we might see. Check out these amazing videos:


The Jovial Vanquisher of Prudes said...

ah, good old Dick. poking around his aunt's house isn't really the best place to see some action though, I would think.

Judy said...

Depends on who your Aunt is....if it's ME....!!!! Whoo hoo!!

GreenishBlue said...

So, what I've gotten out of this is that Judy is Dick Cheney's aunt, and she loves to have him come and spy on her through the window.

Very disturbing indeed.