Monday, January 14, 2008


I'll be getting part two of my Science 2k8 post up soon...

But in the meantime, I just wanted everyone to know that I am now officially rejecting disbelief and embracing Christianity.

I know I know, but once you see this video, which gives everyone IRREFUTABLE proof that God exists, you'll have no choice but to do the same! God bless you Edward Current for saving me from eternal damnation [via Friendly Atheist]:

My favorite argument posited here:
"Wouldn't it be amazing is someone today could write a book in which events toward the end were predicted in an earlier part of the book? Unfortunately, that can only happen if the author is God."


The Jovial Vanquisher of Prudes said...

I REALLY wish I had headphones on me right now (I'm using a school library computer). This will be entertaining to come back to.

Elaine said...

Well, YEAH ... God's totally the master of foreshadowing, didn't you know!?

Chocolate-Loving Atheist said...

Yeah, God and Mary Higgins Clark. We should start our own murder mystery cult, and start reading bad fiction like it's the gospel truth.

Funny post. This brightened my day.